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Frequently Asked Questions
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​Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hyox Pump Automator

Hyox Pump Automator is an advanced Micro-controller based technology system which can protects the pumps from Surges and helps the save working conditions. It also helps to save wastage of huge amount of water and energy.

How many variants of Hyox products are available.

Currently two variance of Hyox products are available. One is Fully Automatic Hyox model and the other Semi Automatic Hyox model. 

What about the warranty of Hyox Products.

Normally Hyox Products comes with a minimum 1 years of Warranty. Sometimes the products comes with extended warranty. Kindly check the warranty card provided with the device for more details.

What are the features of Hyox Fully Automatic Pump Automator

Hyox Fully Automatic Pump Automator comes with an advanced Micro-controller based technology. It has in-build automatic current sensing technology. The device can be operated in two modes. One is Manual mode and the other Fully Automatic mode. In Manual mode operation, users input is needed to switch ON/OFF the pump. In Automatic mode, the device will monitor the working conditions of pump and switch ON/OFF the pump automatically depending upon the conditions. In verse condition the device with protects the pump from High & Low voltage and Overload & Dry running.

Does this device suitable for my pump.

This device can be installed with any single phase pumps upto rating 3HP. It can be used with most of the motor starters.

What are the differences between of Hyox Fully Automatic & Semi Automatic Pump Automator

Semi Automatic pump Automator has only limited protections compared to Hyox Fully automatic pump Automator. The device turns OFF the pump automatically after manual Push to ON by the user. Semi Automatic pump Automator don't have dry run protection feature.